Putting Green

puttingThis area is also entitled “The Green”. It is a grassy area that is trimmed closely on a relatively smooth and even ground that surrounds the golf hole. This area is very advantageous to players as it helps them in making precise strokes. Another term that is related to Putting Grass is “Putting”. This term refers to playing a stroke on the Putting Green surface. This stroke is usually players by a club that is called “The Putter”. This club has a low loft, which allows the ball to roll smoothly on the ground.

The topology and the shape of the Putting Green area differs without any restrictions or limits. As for players who are practicing, the Green is usually a flat area that is flatter than all of the other course areas with the addition of some subtle undulations and slopes in order to provide players with a little challenge.

The Putting Green area usually do not include any completely enclosed hazards like water ponds or sand, on the other hand, these hazards can be placed right next to the Putting Green area. The Green area is usually surrounded by grassy areas of a higher that are cut at a height that is between the height of the fairway and the green. The area that has the higher grass around the Green is entitled the Fringe. The Fringe area is designed in order to slow down the balls and stop them to prevent them from heading out of the Green.