Golf Tips

Golf Tips




An important battle, much is gained with a good and long rash. Most think it difficult to hit the with the longest club and opt out of that power. Give yourself some time at the range and it will help you to get good height on your tee with the driver.

Bunker Gear

Many just give up the hole when they end up in a bunker and there are certainly easier ways to get out. But with the right club and the right technology a golfer doesn’t have to see the bunker as an impossibility.

A bunker lesson may not solve all problems but it can go a long way to a better game.

Chip and Pitch

Those who have mastered these short strokes will soon notice that their game will be lower and the game a lot more fun. A chip-in near the flag and then a putt straight in the cup is clean and a smart practice area for future games!


Many admire pro player’s ability to balance their putts and it certainly is impressive, but also recreational players can become good at it. Just think what it would mean for your score if you could remove all the unnecessary putts during a round.

Golf Tips for the Summer

Watching golf is your chance to see many good players at home this year. Do you think instead of competing that there may even be more possibilities?  Here are the contest tips you should not miss.

We are full of competitions during the summer with challenges for both experienced seniors and juniors. The best Juniors growing up on the PGA Tour where adolescents aged 13 years only a few years ago and  testing his ability on different platforms, from the district level to the highest elite. The schedule is impressive during the season. It also competes younger international players and elite girls waiting for a fine championship on home soil. The girls’ team championship played in July, and there was the chance to watch future generations from across Europe. 19 teams coming going to other parts of the world to compete.

It was decided also That the International Invitational in Europe for the first time last year, is a worthy track for the race.

Have you now got a dose golf inspiration in watching others play?  Then it’s time to plan your own game.

Around midsummer, it is traditional for many to initiate and party down at the club and start the day with a light-hearted competition. Tradition is also part of the golf week, which takes place during the summer, and in August, with enough games under your belt, you might even be treated to some lobster by your friends.